„Miłość niejedno ma imię”

"Love has various names"
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IVth International

XVIIIth Nationwide Festival of Song, Theatre and Art


We are very sorry to inform that the IIIrd International, XVIIth Nationwide Festival of Song, Theatre and Art
will not take place this year.


Due to the great tragedy, which was the flood we had less chances to get funds for this event. We have tried to apply for funds in a few organisations and private firms but there was not enought will and understanding.


We hope that this situation will not happen again and that we will be able to organise this festival next year.

Here you can download the questionnaire!

This Festival has been initiated from 17 years, with participation of different artistic groups, including the people with different sorts of disabilities: eye disorders, hearing problems, movement and intellectual disabilities from Poland. This year for the third time the Festival invites groups from other countries.  

We kindly invite everybody to the IIIrd International and 17th Nationwide Festival of Song, Theatre and Art 'Love Has Various Names'. The Festival is organised between 2th-4th October 2009 in south-east Poland - city Łęczna. 

The Festival is a form of social rehabilitation for handicapped people. Every year over 500 people take part in this three-day Festival. The Festival is designed to:

  • theatrical collectives which consist of actors which have functional problems and the integrated collectives (theatrical collectives of any genre direction can take part in the Festival - pantomime, drama, circus ets.)
  • singers, bands and instrumental groups
  • dancers, groups of dancers
The organizing committee of the Festival provides to participants the qualified jury.  Groups invited to the Festival have to cover only the costs of transportation. We ensure meals, lodging, souvenirs and prizes.  

During Festival will pass an exhibition of works of artists with disabilities.  

Please send this invitation to your friends and invite them to Poland!

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